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Rudimentary Peni

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2/20/10 01:05 pm - syndicalist - Radio Schizo DOT com

RADIO SCHIZO'S stats show that, for some reason or another, these 5 have been Radio Schizo's most popular/downloaded shows over the years:


1. RADIO SCHIZO 21: Unholy, All-Japanese Hardcore: http://bit.ly/c9KNql

2. RADIO SCHIZO 54: Gloom-heavy, Guitar-driven Post-Punk: http://bit.ly/9jLZSe

3 RADIO SCHIZO 41: 80s UK Metal-Punk: http://bit.ly/919Rxo

4. RADIO SCHIZO 24: The Ultimate Killing Joke Tribute Show: http://bit.ly/afEalE

5. RADIO SCHIZO 27: All-Female HC/Punk: http://bit.ly/9dtXoi


2/10/10 09:31 pm - syndicalist - RADIO SCHIZO 65: The Return of the Dead "I" ... 2-10-2010

"Do not kill: Reduce to slavery." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"My hardcore, my hardcore / You didn't think you'd miss it - but you're back for more." - The Normals, "Hardcore," 1979

The return of Radio Schizo w/ NEW Rudimentary Peni, Fy Fan, Lost Sounds, Burnt Cross, Stickmen with Rayguns, World Burns to Death, Reatards, Crow, etc.

Radio Schizo 65: Week of February 14, 2010 playlist (60 mins. | 30 mb)

1. THE NORMALS - Hardcore
2. LOST SOUNDS - Mechanical Feelings
3. LOST SOUNDS - Satan Bought Me
4. 45 GRAVE - Fucked By the Devil
5. REATARDS - Your [sic] So Lewd
6. DARVOCETS - Another Roswell


7. BURNT CROSS - (S)mother Earth
8. ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma
9. RUDIMENTARY PENI - Wilfred Owen's "The Chances" (2009)
10. SEELENLICHT - Outsider
11. THE NOW DEAD - No New Dawn
12. STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS - Buttfuckers Try to Run My Life


13. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Black Becomes the Sun
14. DEAD STOP - Dead-End Path
15. LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Cannibal
16. POST-REGIMENT - Znaczy Wiesz
17. SDS - Butcher
18. FY FAN - Med Gud Pa Din Sida
19. CROW - Give Up All Hope / The Day of Annihilation

<--dowload mp3 of show here

RADIO SCHIZO: http://www.myspace.com/radio_schizo

*** Streaming and d/l: http://www.myspace.com/radio_schizo (Check "blog" section.)

*** iTunes subscription URL (iTunes/Advanced/Subscribe to podcast): http://feeds.feedburner.com/radioschizo1

Radio Schizo is a weekly streaming online radio show from Texas since Sept. 2005.

If player above does not work, click "podcast" icon up to the left.


11/30/09 05:43 pm - syndicalist - More PART 1

I made a FaceBook fan group for PART 1 and it is: HERE. (If link doesn't work search for "Part 1" after you log in to FaceBook.)

Anyway, here is a second PART 1 fan vid I made for their song "The Corpse." Most illustrations in this vid are by Alfred Kubin.

I made this using iMovie on a MacBook. Previous vid I made for them is here. PART 1 existed from 1980 - 1984, were associated with Rudimentary Peni, and played the type of dark post-punk bands like UK Decay and The Mob played.

11/18/09 07:59 pm - syndicalist - NEW (!!!) Rudimentary Peni single! (Nov,. 2009)

Red alert! Red alert!

Someone who was able to get hold of one of the ltd. edition (350 copies made) Nick Blinko book, The Haunted Head, shot me over some artwork as well as the single CD that comes with the book. Using the imagery, I made this fan video for this new Rudimentary Peni song, "WIlfred Owen the Chances."

It's slow, gloomy, and ponderous. Only 350 made, folks!

I like it.


10/2/09 05:42 pm - syndicalist - Nick Blinko's new book delayed AGAIN

OCTOBER 2, 2009:

This is from Durtro, the imprint owned by David Tibet of Current 93, wo will be issuing the Nick Blinko book _The Haunted Head_:

"Nick Blinko & ‘The Haunted Head’: publication delayed for 5 weeks

We had originally hoped Nick's novel, ‘The Haunted Head’, would be published at the end of September. However Nick and the publishers (Coptic Cat) decided, at the very last moment, to add a series of Nick's ‘Haunted Head’ drawings to the front and end of the book, and Nick also decided to re-draw one of the images on the CD cover.

This book HAS now been sent to the publishers, and we are told we will have it back at the end of October, when orders will be processed and the book mailed out. Apologies for this minor delay. If anyone wishes to receive a refund, please let us know and we will oblige immediately."

[No URL - this was in an e-mailing]

3/18/09 04:20 pm - syndicalist - Radio Schizo, Thursday, March 19, 5 PM - 7 PM CST

Thursday, March 19, 5 - 7 PM CST
95.9 FM Austin| LISTEN ONLINE tomorrow @ http://www.kaosradioaustin.org

First hour: Black metal punk / "D-beat black metal" - New Darkthrone, Bone Awl, Order of the Vulture, Iskra, Spite Extreme Wing, Merrimack, Alehammer, punk stuff that sounds black metal-y to me, black metal stuff that sounds punk.

Second hour: Dark, guitar-driven post-punk rock. Vex, UK Decay, S-Haters, no new wave, 45 Grave, Part 1, Warsaw, Killing Joke, Rubella Ballet, Action Pact, Rudimentary Peni, more.

New podcast info coming soon.


2/27/09 01:25 am - syndicalist - Radio Schizo's debut on-air in Austin, Fri., Feb. 28, 5-7 PM EST

Many of you might remember my Radio Schizo podcast - http://www.radioschizo.org

February 28, tomorrow, Friday night, 5 PM - 7 PM, Central Standard Time, Kaos Radio, locally 95.9 FM in Austin, will broadcast "In The Throws of Resistance," an underground DIY hc/punk/garage radio show, half of which will be hosted by yours truly under the Radio Schizo aegis.

You can listen online @ 5 PM - 7 PM CST, FRIDAY NIGHT @ http://www.kaosradioaustin.org/

They did a Bill Hicks tribute last night.

I'm going to try to podcast-archive it. If anyone is on a Mac and wants to "tape" it to their hard drive using Audio Hijack or something, that would rock.

In any event, I will try to cover a lot of ground between what I consider 'real' MODERN (post-2001) hc/punk and stuff that links it to the culturally subversive rock 'n roll, garage rock, etc., tradition at-large.


10/14/08 05:50 am - syndicalist - Live 1992 Rudi Peni video footage

Had no idea this existed 'til today.


5/29/08 01:32 pm - syndicalist - Yay! I got Rudimentary Peni's new CD in!

And I reviewed it here:


In short, it's awesome. best stuff since their 80s output. Blinko's vocals are inhumanly malicious, and one song, "Annihilation," ought to please the old death rock crowd.


4/18/08 07:26 am - syndicalist - Rudi Peni's "No More Pain" track list up

Release date pushed back to June.

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