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RADIO SCHIZO 65: The Return of the Dead "I" ... 2-10-2010

"Do not kill: Reduce to slavery." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"My hardcore, my hardcore / You didn't think you'd miss it - but you're back for more." - The Normals, "Hardcore," 1979

The return of Radio Schizo w/ NEW Rudimentary Peni, Fy Fan, Lost Sounds, Burnt Cross, Stickmen with Rayguns, World Burns to Death, Reatards, Crow, etc.

Radio Schizo 65: Week of February 14, 2010 playlist (60 mins. | 30 mb)

1. THE NORMALS - Hardcore
2. LOST SOUNDS - Mechanical Feelings
3. LOST SOUNDS - Satan Bought Me
4. 45 GRAVE - Fucked By the Devil
5. REATARDS - Your [sic] So Lewd
6. DARVOCETS - Another Roswell


7. BURNT CROSS - (S)mother Earth
8. ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma
9. RUDIMENTARY PENI - Wilfred Owen's "The Chances" (2009)
10. SEELENLICHT - Outsider
11. THE NOW DEAD - No New Dawn
12. STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS - Buttfuckers Try to Run My Life


13. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Black Becomes the Sun
14. DEAD STOP - Dead-End Path
15. LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Cannibal
16. POST-REGIMENT - Znaczy Wiesz
17. SDS - Butcher
18. FY FAN - Med Gud Pa Din Sida
19. CROW - Give Up All Hope / The Day of Annihilation

<--dowload mp3 of show here


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Radio Schizo is a weekly streaming online radio show from Texas since Sept. 2005.

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