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Rudimentary Peni

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3/21/08 03:08 am - syndicalist - Rudi Peni oficial Facebook page

Official Rudimentary Peni Facebook page:


Note that the official Rudi Peni MySpace and Facebook pages are creations of Southern Records and are not being run by the band itself. AFAIK.

3/18/08 02:33 pm - syndicalist - Southern launches official Rudi Peni MySpace; preview of new EP on hand

Here it is, Rudimentary Peni's new No More Pain release, due out May 5th, 2008, with a preview of song(s) at the OFFICIAL Rudimentary Peni MySpace site, launched by Southern records -- not a fan or tribute site.


Also, Current 93/Durtro.com are publishing Nick Blinko's new book in July, 2008.

2/11/08 10:36 pm - syndicalist - Rudimentary Peni's "No More Pain" coming out May 5, 2008

Rudimentary Peni's follow up to their 2004 "Archaic" EP is slated to be released on May 5th, 2008.


1/31/08 05:56 am - syndicalist - 2 things

1. ALL of Rudi Peni's unreleased/unofficial stuff in one big downloadable file here:


2. The Soft Drinks, another band on Rudimentary Peni's Outer Himalayan Records, released a 7" in 1981. It is available in free mp3 format here:


1/25/08 01:28 am - syndicalist - Rudi Peni's bootlegs/live stuff in one bit torrent

All of Rudi Peni's unreleased/unofficial stuff in one big downloadable file:


10/25/07 12:05 am - syndicalist - Rudi Peni new album "No More Pain" coming out early 2008

It seems to be confirmed from Southern that Rudimentary Peni will release a new CD titled "No More Pain" in early 2008.

Below is a screenshot of their catalog place holder for it. Apparently, Nick Blinko is busy working on the artwork but there are at least a couple of "listening copies," sans artwork, already out there....

This online catalog placeholder is here.

8/20/07 01:54 am - syndicalist - Cultpunk interview w/ Rudi Peni Nick linko's band S-Haters

If you are a big Rudimentary Peni fanatic like me you probably know that prior to forming Rudi Peni, singer/author/artist Nick Blinko was in The Magits.

But if you are also like me, you did NOT know that he was also in the dark punk band S-HATERS, a band whose releases appeared on Rudi Peni's OUTER HIMALAYAN Records.

I was lucky enough to find the guitarist of the S-Haters, Kevin O'Brien, and interview him about that band, Blinko, UK anarcho-punk, politics, and other stuff!



Excerpt below:

Q: What were the musical influences of the S-HATERS? It seems you all had a dark sound. Just from listening, my guesses are Joy Division and UK Decay type stuff.

Kevin O'Brien/S-Haters: Well, your description is very flattering, thank
you. We began before Joy Division, although when we saw them I practically fell to my knees in awe. We were so impressed by them that we couldn’t fail to absorb some of what they were doing. Looking back now, they were so far ahead of the game, but the influence of Rob Gretton (manager), Tony Wilson (Factory Records), and Martin Hannett (producer) was massive, as was the artwork of Peter Saville.


Nick Blinko was indeed a member of the S-Haters. Nick was always just such great company. He was quiet but extremely witty and funny. I also remember he had great hair and a fantastic old military jacket that I thought looked outrageously good on him, which he wore to a gig we played at a place called the Hemel Arts Centre in Hemel Hempstead, about 5 - 10 miles from Watford.

We had no cars, van, nothing, and took our instruments on the bus. (We had been promised backline and a drumkit). Nick brought a Syndrum, which had two basic sounds - the disco sound which is prominent on Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ and also a fantastic crashing sound that is all over Joy Division’s first album, like a metal sheet being bashed with a big hammer. Nick really put that Syndrum through its paces that night, and we got the bus back to Watford very happy, still in time to get a drink at the pub!




4/1/07 11:11 pm - twisted_bones

I noticed the last post concerned the price of The Primal Screamer, so I thought I'd share an online text I came across [and quite by accident!].
It's a Myspace page, and the only thing that irks me about it is that there are pretty frequent grammatical errors that I had to correct as I read it. [Shrugs]


3/8/07 11:23 pm - xxacidcuntxx



12/28/06 02:16 am - syndicalist - Top 20 LPs of 2006

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1 song from each of the best albums of 2006 by: Tragedy, Poison Idea, World Burns to Death, Caustic Christ, Government Warning, Killing Joke, Jay Reatard, Skitsystem, Miss Alex White, Mika Miko, Krigshot, Career Suicide, PESD, Pisschrist, and more!

Radio Schizo Week of December 17, 2006 playlist
(47 mbs. | 51 mins.)
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1. KILLING JOKE - This Tribal Antidote (from Hosannas from the Basements of Hell LP)
2. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Those Who Have Come to the End (from Totalitarian Sodomy LP)
3. MIKA MIKO - Take it Serious (from CYSLABF LP)
4. CAREER SUICIDE - You Got Caught (from Attempted Suicide LP)
5. JAY REATARD - We Who Wait (Adverts) (from Blood Visons LP)

6. TRAGEDY - Deaf and Disbelieving (from Nerve Damage LP)
7. CAUSTIC CHRIST - Sadist Society (from Lycanthropy LP)
8. UNDER PRESSURE - Sick/Sinful (from Come Clean LP)
9. POISON IDEA - Kill the Messenger (from Latest Will & Testament LP)
10. GOVERNMENT WARNING - No Moderation (from No Moderation LP)

11. RIVER CITY TANLINES - In My Mode Rollin' (from I'm Your Negative LP)
12. MISS ALEX WHITE & CHRIS PLAYBOY - Thunder (from Live 12" LP)
13. BORN/DEAD - Endless War (from Endless War LP)
14. CROW - Give Up All Hope (from Bloody Tear LP)
15. PISSCHRIST - Blood Bled Dry (from Nothing Has Changed LP)

16. PESD - Body Bags (from Politikarepoizonekurvae LP)
17. HERO DISHONEST - Stalin vs. Hank Hardy (from When the Shit Hits the Man LP)
18. SKITSYSTEM - Vald (from Stigmata LP)
19. MASSMORD - Same Old Story, Same Old Shit (from Inget Liv/Ingen Dod LP)
20. KRIGSHOT - Konsumtion (from Till Vilket Pris Som Helst LP)

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